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Inquiries about renting/reserving space at Legion Memorial Park should be directed to the Hollidaysburg American Legion via Greg Mielnik at

Discovery Garden

Legion Memorial Park
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Inquiries about renting/reserving space at Legion Memorial Park should be directed to the American Legion in Hollidaysburg via Greg Mielnik at 814-935-6078.

Skills Horticultural Therapy Program

Spring planting by Skills horticulture therapy program in a raised bed Skills horticulture therapy program plants annuals in raised beds at Discovery Garden.

The first of its kind in Blair County and surrounding areas, Skills horticultural therapy program was made possible by a grant from the Bon Secours Health System. This program’s goals are to promote community inclusion; to educate about diversity, leisure education, and outdoor education; and to promote intergenerational activities.

Participants complete a series of workshops where they learn about trees, flowers, and herbs. They experience opportunities to conduct hands-on experiments, visit greenhouses, plant seeds, transplant seedlings, plan a garden, grow edible vegetables, and sample the produce. A fall feast is typically held at the end of each growing season. Participants may be paired with an individual with a disability in an effort to develop mentoring relationships and friendships, or simply provide hand-over-hand assistance to individuals with physical disabilities.

a product of Skills horticultural therpay program Decorative hypertufa stepping stone made by Skills horticultural therapy participants for the Annual Discovery Garden Plant Sale.

Workshops are typically held weekdays between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. and are 60 to 90 minutes depending on the participants’ needs and schedules. Each workshop is limited to fewer than 20 participants. Content of the workshops can be tailored to meet the needs and interests of the participants. Skills staff would be pleased to discuss the program with interested individuals and organizations to adapt workshops to be enriching for all participants.

During the summer months, the horticulture therapy program includes outdoor activities, such as field trips to Discovery Garden or gardens located at Skills community homes. In winter, most activities take place at Skills Vocational Training Facility (Altoona), which is equipped with grow lights and other horticultural equipment.

For more information about Skills Horticultural Therapy Program, contact Skills Cortland Office Program Manager at 814-944-4519.